Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Internet Marketing Tips, Cool Prizes, Moolah and Free Traffic

by The Traffic Show Girls on January 4, 2017

Internet Marketing Tips, Cool Prizes, Moolah and Free Traffic

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Welcome to more free website traffic on Woo Hoo Wednesday here at Traffic Showdown! Today we are starting off our series of A-Z internet marketing tips for Article Wednesdays and we have an awesome prize draw for you and I’m turning on the cash surf bar link too!

Internet Marketing Tips

internet marketing

1. Ad Tracking – Using it to Test Your Results

Most advertising services, such as Google AdWords, permit you to track your ads. You can see how many click-throughs you receive; and you can split-test two ads with slightly different wording. Tracking your results will allow you to compare two approaches, so you can determine which works best.

2. Adding Articles to Directories

One good way to generate traffic for your site is to write articles and then submit them to directories. This will not only get your site a one-way backlink that will improve your search engine position rankings, but it will also generate some direct, click-through traffic.

3. Adding Your Blog to RSS Feed Directories

Another good way to generate traffic for your blog is to list your RSS feed in directories. This will have a similar effect as adding your articles to directories.

4. Adding Your Site to Link Directories

Another good way to get inbound links pointed at your site is to submit it to directories. When you do this, remember to include a description of your site that links keywords that you are optimizing for. This text will surround your link; and will improve your search engine rankings for these keywords.

5. Adopt a Strategy

Many Internet marketers go into a new business venture without first spending the time to create a strategy. This is usually a big mistake. Without creating a strategy that specifies what you should do in various situations, you may find yourself lost; and prone to ad hoc and inconsistent decision-making.

6. AdWords – A Trick That Can Boost Your Click-Through Rate

If you want to improve your AdWords click-through-rate, you should use the base keyword from your keyword list in your headline. When people search for a keyword on your list, it will pull up your ad with the keyword bolded in the headline. This will attract searchers to your ad, increasing the chance that they will click on it.

7. AdWords – Tracking Your End Results is Crucial

In addition to tracking your ad click-through rates, you will also want to check how your ad results translate into sales. You can do this by sending traffic from different campaigns to different landing pages. This will allow you to determine whether certain ads are generating higher-quality traffic.

8. AdWords – Using the Right Headline Could Change Your Campaign

After you begin tracking your results, you will want to start varying your AdWords headlines. You can then test how well each different headline performs; and then select the best for your campaign. Remember to only make small changes at a time.

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Traffic Showdown Winners

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That’s all for today! Have a wonderful Wednesday and we hope you’re enjoying our series of internet marketing tips and all the wonderful free website traffic!