Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sensational Prizes, Cash Prize Pages and Quality Website Traffic

by The Traffic Show Girls on January 7, 2017

Sensational Prizes, Cash Prize Pages and Quality Website Traffic

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Gday Stage Setters!

I hope you are having a great day! We have Massive Website Traffic for Show Girl Saturday Today! Remember we are always here if you need us, just send in a support ticket and we will get back to you asap! Get Support Here.

Welcome to the blog today! We are delivering a pile of traffic here at Traffic Showdown and today we’ve got cash prize pages and an awesome prize draw for you too!

An Extra Traffic Showdown Bonus

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Traffic Showdown Winners

As usual we have a pile of lucky winners and here they are – I hope you are one of them – if so – congrats! And if not there’s always tomorrow!

traffic showdown winnersCongratulations to all the winners…..

1 winner of $1/100/1000/1000 is 6494,

1 winner of 75 cents/75/750/750 is 12233,

1 winner of 50 cents/50/500/500 is 10108,

4 winners of 25 cents/25/250/250 are 8052, 8186, 5754 and 15187!

Woo-Hoo and congratulations to you all! Please contact Traffic Showdown to claim your prizes.

Today at Traffic Showdown

Traffic Showdown Manual Traffic ExchangeIt’s Showgirl Saturday so let’s make it a great day!

Let’s have a prize draw for the following prizes:

2 x $1/300/300/300

3 x 50 cents/200/200/200

3 x 500/500/500

2 x 750/750/750

Just surf a minimum of 75 pages to qualify – that’s right only 75 pages!

And it wouldn’t be Showgirl Saturday without cash prize pages so you’re getting those too! Woo-Hoo!


That’s right we are loading up the prize pages with cash! So just surf and see how much you can win!

Good luck!

As a special reward for anybody who read all the way to the end of the blog post send me a ticket and I will add some bonus credits to your account! Just put the word “bonus” in your ticket and I’ll know what to do!

We hope you enjoy all the free website traffic and have a wonderful weekend!