Monday, January 9, 2017

Terrific Prizes, Monday Chuckles and Quality Traffic

by The Traffic Show Girls on January 9, 2017

Terrific Prizes, Monday Chuckles and Quality Traffic

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Gday Stage Setters,

Today we have lots of Website Traffic, a great prize draw and the Monday Chuckles for you too!

All that plus lots of great free website traffic being delivered around here lately so don’t miss your chance to increase traffic to your websites and assign your credits NOW!

An Extra Traffic Showdown Bonus

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Monday Chuckles

It is time for Monday Chuckles – leave your chuckle as a comment below and share a laugh with your fellow Stage Setters and you could score yourself a cool 1000 credits straight into your account!

I have some random chuckles for you today. Enjoy!


A husband went to buy a birthday gift for his wife. Some friends had been invited over that night to celebrate her fortieth, and he wanted to get something special. At the store he spotted some cute little music boxes. One blue one was playing “Happy Birthday.” Thinking they were all the same, he chose a red one and had it gift-wrapped.

Later, at dinner, he gave it to his wife and asked her to open it. When she lifted the lid, out came the tune to “The Old Gray Mare, She Ain’t What She Used to Be!”

Every year on my birthday, I looked forward to my aunt’s gift—a scarf, hat, or sweater knitted by hand. One year, she must have had better things to do because I received a ball of yarn, knitting needles, and a how-to-knit book. Her card read “Scarf, some assembly required.”

Greeting Cards: When you care enough to send the very best but not enough to actually write something.

Because it was my brother’s birthday, our mom wanted to do something special. She called his fraternity house and said she wanted to bring a cake. The young man who took the call was very excited. “Hey, Mrs. Schaeffer,” he said, “that would be great!”

The next day she drove to the fraternity and rang the doorbell. The same boy answered the door. When he saw the cake, his face fell. “Oh,” he said, clearly disappointed. “I thought you said ‘keg.’ ”

As a single, never-married woman in my 40s, I have been questioned endlessly about my status by friends, relatives and co-workers. Over the years I’ve noticed a subtle change in the nature of their inquiries.

In my teens, friends would ask, “Who are you going out with this weekend?”

In my 20s, relatives would say, “Who are you dating?”

In my 30s, co-workers might inquire, “So, are you dating anyone?”

Now people ask, “Where did you get that adorable purse?”

It’s a hot day–there’s a traveling salesman passing through a small town in Texas when he sees a little old man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of a house. So he stops and says to the little old man, “You look as if you don’t have a care in the world! What’s your formula for a long and happy life?”

And the little old man says, “Well, I smoke six packs of cigarettes a day, I drink a quart of bourbon every four hours and six cases of beer a week. I never wash and I go out every night; I don’t get to bed until four in the morning.”

And the guy says, “Wow, that’s just great. How old are you?”

And the little man says, “Twenty-two.”

hahahahahahahaha ;) leave your chuckle and share a laugh with your fellow stage setters and you could pick up a cool 1000 credits for your effort!

Traffic Showdown Winners List

We’ve got another big list of winners today – hope you’re on it!
traffic showdown winners

2 x $1/300/300/300 are 9375 and 4174,

3 x 50 cents/200/200/200 are 12295, 6580 and 8019,

3 x 500/500/500 are 14063, 14012 and 15267,

2 x 750/750/750 are 2683, 14394 and 13940!

Woo-Hoo and congratulations to you all! Please contact Traffic Showdown to claim your prizes.

Today at Traffic Showdown

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We are continuing with Anything Can Happen Mondays! What that means is that I will change things up every Monday and you’ll never know what kind of prizes we’ll have up for grabs from one week to the next! This week the following awesome prizes are up for grabs…..

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Just surf a minimum of 100 pages to qualify for the draw!

Good luck!

As a special reward for anybody who read all the way to the end of the blog post send me a ticket and I will add some bonus credits to your account! Just put the word “bonus” in your ticket and I’ll know what to do!

Here’s to a marvelous Monday and lots of free website traffic!