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Breaking News!

Dynamic Membership is Live at Traffic Showdown!

I am very excited to finally unveil the “Next Big Thing” to hit traffic exchanges!
and…its already live at Traffic Showdown!

Randy and I are very proud to have created this innovative new feature that  several other exchanges are now offering their members!

You can also secure this awesome reward system by being upgraded at Top Flight Traffic! Join here: http://TrafficShowdown.com/suggests/topflighttraffic

Introducing…..The Dynamic Membership/Upgrade Mod!

Randy and I have created a mod for TEs where the owners will now be able to offer rewards to upgraded members who stay upgraded AND upgraded members will get compounding benefits at no extra cost to them!

Here’s how it works….I will use the “Star of the Show” account as the example!

The star account has a base rate of 1600/1600/1600 per month (a great deal already)

I have programmed the new mod to reward members with more each month!
So, in month 2 Star of the Show members will get 1700/1700/1700,
month 3 – 1800/1800/1800, month 4 – 1900/1900/1900 etc

By month 6 Star of the Show members will be getting 2100/2100/2100 each month and it will cost nothing more than their original monthly membership price!

Just Added 11/7/2010

Star of the Show Members now get an Extra 4 months Bonuses Growth!

so add to the above…..

month 7 – 2200/2200/2200

month 8 – 2300/2300/2300

month 8 – 2400/2400/2400

month 10 – 2500/2500/2500

and it continues that way until you end your upgrade – What a BONUS!

Now as long as the member stays upgraded they will continue at the higher monthly bonus amount!  This mod is totally flexible and I am able to introduce even more rewards at any time!

Now – all currently upgraded members are already in the system!
So if you got your upgrade at the 2-4-1 deal or a OTO you really score big
and the extra bonus will kick in as soon as your next month starts!

Each membership level will be different. Star of the Show is as above.
Here’s what you can expect with each other membership!

VIP All Access - base rate = 1000/1000/1000
month 2 – 1100/1100/1100
month 3 – 1200/1200/1200
month 4 – 1300/1300/1300
month 5 – 1400/1400/1400
month 6 – 1500/1500/1500

Just added – 11/7/2010 – VIP Members now get an Extra 4 months Bonuses Growth!

so add to the above……

month 7 – 1600/1600/1600

month 8 – 1700/1700/1700

month 9 – 1800/1800/1800

month 10 – 1900/1900/1900

Show Stopper – base rate = 600/600/600
month 2 – 650/650/650
month 3 – 700/700/700
month 4 – 750/750/750
month 5 – 800/800/800
month 6 – 850/850/850

Class Act – base rate = 400/400/400
month 2 – 425/425/425
month 3 – 450/450/450
month 4 – 475/475/475
month 5 – 500/500/500
month 6 – 525/525/525

Once you hit the month 6 value, you continue with that higher monthly bonus month after month!
Now I will monitor this closely over the next month to ensure excellent traffic delivery. If everything looks good I will consider lifting the values and/or extending them through further months aswell.

If you would like to be rewarded like this at your second favourite TE (wink wink….lol) tell them – you want Dynamic Membership and send them over to talk to me or Randy and we will get them sorted out so you can benefit even further!

This is soooo exciting! Now I get to truly reward those who support Traffic Showdown with their financial memberships! So not only do you get all the great advertising and bonuses of an upgraded member (including access to the Exclusive VIP Green Room) , now you get a pile more on top!

I know you will be as excited as we are about this! Why wouldnt you be?
You just get more!
More from Showdown with no extra effort or expense involved!

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maree March 7, 2010 at 8:20 pm

hi love your site, upgraded and will pay for my second month any day now, so pleased and have 3 in downline which is cool, have set up dollarwise to help my downline promote. check it out,

The Traffic Show Girls March 8, 2010 at 5:51 am

Hi Maree,

Im so happy you love it here – so do we…lol!
being upgraded is a fantastic idea, especailly with our Dynamic Memberships!
You can read about them by clicking the link on the menu above – but basically,
if I had to explain it in just a few words……you just get more with your Showdown Upgrade!

There are piles of tools on the ‘promote’ page that are all converting quite well – so good luck in your efforts!
hope to see you back soon – Kym :)

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