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Jeff Dedrick Send Button Profits Review and Bonus

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Jeff Dedrick is a good friend and mentor of mine but Im sure you already know that :) or you would if you have been around here a while anyway – if you didnt know that – now you do… – now lets talk…..

Send Button Profits

Jeff originally launched Send Button Profits in October 2009 and it was only kept open for a total of 9 days! That was it then it was closed down and you couldnt get back in till now! – Woo-Hoo for YOU!!!!!!

Long time Showdown members will probably remember that I was a beta tester for this product before it was released last year too. I raved about it then and I still do now!

But did you know that send button profits is one of my secret weapons?

I attribute my several top 10 leader board finishes for JV launches to Send Button Profits and Jeff’s coaching and mentoring too!

When you’re on a good thing – stick to it – copy it – learn from it and then be like Nike and just do it!

One of the main reasons I have always liked Jeff is because he brings so much value to people with his awesome Bonuses. In case you havent noticed – I try to follow suit with that one too…

I always buy my Big “Guru” Products through him because he throws in $1000’s of extras and goodies. I am soooo happy that Jeff is re-releasing Send Button Profits, now it is Jeff Dedrick that is GIVING AWAY and producing the Goodies.

Send Button Profits Includes All This……

Send Button Profits is a Complete Turn-Key Marketing system. You literally need nothing else to buy from anyone if you are looking to make money online. His Crazy Package includes:

Listbuilding Webinar Videoes
Opt in and Download Pages Creators
Pre-Made Video Optin
Pre-Made Download + Bonus Pages
Autoresponder Messages
100’s Of Branded Products
Listbuilding Interviews
Email SWIPE File
Squeeze Page Templates
Free Offers and LOTS of Bonuses
OTO Templates
150 Clickbank Autoresponder Messages
and A Bunch MORE Stuff that you Need to be successful

Send Button Profits University?

Jeff also Brings you … Internet Marketing Guru University!!! FEATURING: Russell Brunson, Eric Louviere, Howie Schwartz, Jason James, Jason Potash, Jeff Dedrick, Joel Comm, John Hostler, Willie Crawford, Michael Cheney, Mike Filsaime and many More Trainers/Gurus

When Send Button Profits was first released, it was a monthly plan and cost about $47 a month to have – now with my special $20 off coupon – you can have the whole thing for $47 one time payment and no more! How cool is that? – Totally Awesome I say!

You can get Jeff’s full 12 plus hour course on how to build lists faster and bigger and to make more cash from them.

Plus you get lifetime access to the automated software that builds your optin and download pages and can have them live on the web in just minutes. Nothing to download either – you just do it all online in a special member area!

And I have a special discount and bonus page for you – Click Here!

Send Button Profits – All Done For You!

This is a total ‘Done for You’ package. Complete Tools, Complete Tips and Complete Shortcuts leave little chance for failure. As always I couldn’t recommend Jeff Dedrick and his products more highly – amongst other things he is also the brains behind – Instant Bonus Page and Viral Ebook Explosion – Send Button Profits is his best work in my opinion though – I use it all the time – in fact I have SBP pages rotating on TEs every single day!

Get Send Button Profits by clicking here

I really cant recommend this more highly!
If you want to build your list like a pro – with all the good stuff built in and done for you, like……

the optin page…
the thankyou page…..
the OTO (that you get paid for)
the download page…..
the autoresponder messages and so much more already done for you….

click this banner……
and own this awesome product now at a $20 discount and with not only Jeffs awesome bonuses but mine as well!

You would be seriously crazy to miss it!

I know first-hand how this program could change your business and transform your life for good…

Send Button Profits IS step by step, A-Z, and includes all the information and the automated systems you need to replicate my success building and profiting with lists – FAST.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll receive when you secure instant access to Send Button Profits today at only $47!!!!!!!!!!

Buy Send Button Profits Today and Get……

Send Button Profits Bonus

Well!  There are a pile of bonuses already attached with this awesome product!So many I couldnt fit them all here so if you would like to see the 8, YES! I said 8 awesome bonuses just click here now!

and to add to all the Awesome Bonuses I am going to add something of my own too!

Buy Send Button Profits through my link for the Amazing price of only $47 one time and you will also get…..

viral marketing and…….

combine beyond

I sell both these products every day for $67 each so a REAL value of $134 in added extra value yours free on top of all the other bonuses!  This seriously is a no brainer!

DO IT NOW – you dont want to be locked out again do you?

Again – Send Button Profits has my absolute highest endorsement! :)

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