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What kind of sites do you allow?
Very simple, no framebreakers, no hate, no warez, no viruses, no adult content, no problem! YES, we do allow rotators and we recommend that Traffic Showdown users consider using a TE ToolBox Rotator. Amongst other great features, this is one of the most user friendly rotators for both exchange user and owner. If your sites do not follow the rule, not only will your websites be removed, your account may be suspended. Please make sure you check your URLs before you add them! Pop ups? Only ONE pop up / exit pop up per page! Also, your site must be at least 80% english so we can determine whether it is suitable for viewing by our members.
What is Traffic Showdown?
Traffic Showdown is a manual surf or hit exchange/advertising and promotion service. This is a great way for small business owners, opportunity seekers and website owners to get top quality traffic to their websites. It's a very simple concept, you will visit other members' websites and they will visit yours. The more sites you visit, the more website traffic you will receive! (of course you can buy credits too!)
Can I buy extra traffic?
Yes, simply log into your account and click on the link to Buy Credits! You can also upgrade your account and get monthly bonus traffic and a higher surf ratio when you do surf so you more for the same time spent.
What is your Privacy Policy?
TrafficShowdown.com is committed to protecting your privacy. Information obtained about you for the purpose of creating your TrafficShowdown.com membership shall be used only for the purpose of maintaining and updating your membership, as well as direct email contact from TrafficShowdown.com. I will never sell, rent, or lease your membership profile.
What Is 'Surfing'?
Surfing is the process of viewing other members sites. You will view each site for a predetermined number of seconds (determined by your member level). Then, once the timer is at '0' you click an image and "surf" onto the next site.
What Does 'Manual' Surfing Mean?
Manual surfing means that you must perform an action (clicking an image) to view the next site and earn more credits. By making all users wait till the timer reaches zero and click a correct image, this ensures that real visitors are actually looking at your sites.
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